Top 8 Telegram music bots

Spotybot Bot


Spotybot is one of the most popular Telegram music bots for today.

How t use it? Open @spotybot, press “Start” button or write /start. You can use Spotybot with the inline messages, for example, @spotybot eminem and this bot will show you all tracks of the artist.

Also you can post command /findsong and the name of the song and this bot will show you all results of the query in 30 seconds.

Bing Music Bot Bot


Search the web, including popular sites like YouTube, Vevo, LyricFind and more. Just enter a song title and artist.

To use Bing Music Bot press “Start” or write up /start in the chat with bot.

After it you will receive the message:

Hi, I’m Bing Music Bot.

I can help you search for music videos and lyrics results.
For example, try:
– adele hello
– adele hello lyrics
– you may say I’m a dreamer

Friday Bot


A General Purpose Bot , helping you to do daily tasks like Downloading Songs , Reading Jokes, Search Queries , etc.

Available Commands:

/flip – for flipping a coin
/joke – for a random joke
/meme – for a random meme
/song – SONGNAME for sending a song to you
/video – VIDEONAME for sending Youtube video
/shorten – URL for shortening a URL
/ytd – LINK for downloading youtube video
/expand – SHORTURL for expanding a URL
/contact – MESSAGE to send message to Bot Master
/suggest – SUGGESTION to suggest anything.
/wiki – KEYWORD for a searching keyword
/news – sends you latest news articles
/rate – for rating our Bot
/quote – for a random quote

Scdlbot Bot


Scdlbot – Music Downloader: SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube Audio Download

By using this bot you can Download MP3s of tracks/sets from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube with tags.

Hi! I download and send audios from videos/tracks/sets/albums in MP3 128 kbps with tags and artwork. Files over 50 MB are split into parts due to Telegram Bot API limit.


Send or forward a text message containing links and I will:

• In Download mode: download every link I support (or use /dl <links>)

• In Links mode: show direct download URLs for every link (or use /link <links>)

• In Ask mode: scan for supported links and ask you to choose download or links

• Use /settings to select working mode for messages without command.

• Use /settings to toggle Captions.

Privacy mode is disabled, so I scan every group message.

• Supported links and resources:

SoundCloud: tracks/playlists/pages with private widgets

Bandcamp: tracks/albums/custom links

YouTube: videos/playlists/not lives

Yandex.Music: tracks/albums

Mixcloud, Vimeo and almost everything from this list, but no VK music

Example message:

Hey, check this out! and also and

Bandtraq Bot Bot


You can use Bandtraq Bot to get music recommendations and information about new tracks, watch new group’s releases and more.

Just post /start and use bot’s instructions.

VKM Bot Bot


You can use VKM Bot to search, listen and download music tracks from To start use VKM Bot press “Start” or write /start in the chat with this bot.

Available commands:

/song — searching by song’s name

/artist — searching by artist’s name

/setlang — change language

/settings — change preferences

FindMusicPleaseBot Bot


FindMusicPleaseBot can find mostly any music track on the web. Write /start to start using this bot.

Also, you can write /random in the chat with the bot and download random music track.

To start interacting with the bot, just write any song name to the chat and FindMusicPleaseBot will send it to you.

GetMusicBot Bot


GetMusicBot can search any music track in SoundCloud and send it to you as a file or audio. Also, it can search video on YouTube and download audio from it or send you a link to download the video.

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