Best football (soccer) Telegram channels list

Sky Sports Football Channel


Subscribers: 36000+ Active users: 45%

Sky Sports Football is now on Telegram! Be the first one to read latest news, watch match highlights and follow exclusive content! *Unofficial

It’s one of the most useful sports Telegram channels for today. There you can find a lot of English Premier league football news, transfers info, injuries, suspensions and other.

In addition to the English Premier League this channel includes news of Spanish La Liga, Serie A, France League 1.

Football Channel Channel


Subscribers: 10600+ Active users: 100%

Football in general. Photos, videos, history and more… Stay tuned!

Very good Telegram channel about football (soccer) with beautiful football photos and images, information about Legends of football, big players, interesting dates in football, votes, information about transfers.

Football Game Channel


Subscribers: 2600+ Active users: 15%

Football Game – it’s popular telegram channel about all popular football leagues in the World. There you can find news and updates of English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and others. Live translations, news, scores, results.

Football Daily News Channel


Subscribers: 4100+ Active users: 15%

Football (not soccer!) news, everyday, right in your Telegram!

Football Daily News – it’s free Telegram channel with news and updates of popular football leagues and clubs. Information about transfers, injuries, interviews, results and other quality football content.

La Liga Channel


Subscribers: 2800+ Active users: 30%

It’s Telegram channel about Spanish La Liga and all about it: news, photos, transfers, matches. If you are a fan of Spanish football or Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla – this channel for you.

Arsenal Channel


Subscribers: 36000+ Active users: 95%

The one, the only and the best channel of Arsenal Football Club. Subscribe for news, photos, rumors and sometimes my thoughts.

It’s Telegram channel about FC Arsenal (London) and all about the club: news, transfers, matches, interviews, history dates, images.

FC Barcelona Channel Channel


Subscribers: 28700+ Active users: 95%

It’s the biggest and the most popular Telegram channel about Barcelona FC. If you are a fan of Barca, Leo Messi and other famous footballers of this club – this Telegram channel is a good place for you.

Real Madrid C.FChannel


Subscribers: 19200+ Active users: 35%

Real Madrid English News Telegram Channel. All about Real Madrid: news, matches, photos, votes, injuries, transfers, scores.

Also this channel has its own group @realmadrid13group where you can discuss matches and news with other fans.

Chelsea Channel


Subscribers: 17500+ Active users: 49%

The most famous Telegram channel about Chelsea FC (London). News, updates, matches, photos and all about this club you can find there.

Manchester United Channel


Subscribers: 5800+ Active users: 30%

The most popular Telegram channel about Manchester United (England). News, pictures, matches and other interesting content.

Liverpool FC Channel


Subscribers: 2400+ Active users: 85%

Telegram channel about Liverpool FC in Arabic.

Inter FC news (Italian)

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