Best Telegram channels list to follow in 2020

Last updated: 14 May 2020

Welcome to the best and 100 the most popular Telegram channels rating for today. On the page you can find the best and the most useful Telegram channels in various categories. Please, enjoy!

Forex GDP Channel


Subscribers: 3500+

Free Live Powerful Forex Signals with Technical Chart Analysis and Fundamental Analysis for helping you to trade with confidence.

Unlike other signal providers, Provides forex signals only at good trade setup. It means they focus on providing high-quality trade signals instead of more quantity of trade signals.

Forex GDP provides good quality Forex signals, Professional Analysis and Educational services in Forex trading Industry with 20+ years of Experienced traders Team. They strongly believe that the quality of trade signals is more important than the quantity of trade signals. 

Forex GDP slogan is “Don’t trade all the time, Trade Forex only at Best accurate trade setup.”



Subscribers: 4.3M+

HINDI HD MOVIES is the most popular Telegram channel in the World today with over 4.3 million subscribers and №1 in our TOP 100 Telegram channels rating.

The channel is about Hindi movies and TV series. At the channel, you can download and watch latest movies and TV series in Hindi.

HINDI HD MOVIES grows fast and earned over 1 million subscribers in the last 90 days. On average, this channel receives from 10 to 20 thousand new users per day. Channel access is restricted on Apple devices!

#2 Netflix Channel


Subscribers: 580K+

The most popular Netflix channel in Telegram. There you can find latest news about movies and TV series, fun pictures, trailers, interesting facts and articles with top movies to watch on Netflix. For example: The best Scarlett Johansson movies to watch on Netflix right now


#3 Boss of betting – free sports tips by the pro Channel


Subscribers: 8K+

Free predictions on football (soccer) and AFL. No fixed matches, sure bets and other sh*t. Just regular prematch value tips. Welcome to the club ?

I think it’s one of the best betting channels in Telegram. This guy posts good football (soccer) predictions and do it regular. Also he posts screenshots with odds and picks and don’t delete bad predictions. Very fair channel.

#4 Hollywood English Netflix Movies Channel


Subscribers: 2.7M+

Another one big channel with online movies and TV serials. There you can find Netflix and Amazon Prime TV series, Hollywood and Hindi movies. Information about movies and TV series, direct links, IMDB rating, and other useful content.

#5 Proxy MTProto Channel


Subscribers: 2.7M+

Fast MTProto proxies for the Telegram app (Desktop, Android, iOS versions). If you have some trouble with Telegram availability in your country – this channel will be very useful for you. There you can find the latest available proxies for your device. [blockcontent_2]

#6 Telegram News Channel


Subscribers: 3M+

Official channel of the Telegram app. There you can find the latest news, information about updates for desktop version, android and Apple devices, bug reports and other important things.

#7 Bollywood Movies new HD Channel


Subscribers: 1.9M+

Latest Bollywood movies and TV series with direct links to download on your device. 1.9 Million subscribers and 24% of active auditory.

#8 MyPoroxy Channel


Subscribers: 1.3M+

Telegram channel with free proxies for your app. Content updates every day. Persian Language.

#9 New Tamil Movies TamilRockers Channel


Subscribers: 1.3M+

#8 in our top 100 rating with over 1.3 million subscribers. One of the biggest channels with Tamil movies. Available genres: Action, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Musical, Crime, History, Mystery and others.

#10 American English Channel


Subscribers: 52K+

We aim to improve all of your English skills with daily tips, stories and podcasts! Ace native-level fluency with us!

American English is one of the biggest and best channels which helps to improve English speaking skills and grammar.

#11 Trade Crypto Now Channel


Subscribers: 400K+

#11 spot in our best 100 Telegram channels Rating. In this channel you will find: -Crypto News -Fundamental Analysis – Chart Analysis -Opinions on Altcoins & ICOs Do not blind follow my signals without doing your own research!

#12 Bollywood Cinemas Channel


Subscribers: 1.2M+

Bollywoodcinemas – a big channel about Bollywood movies and TV serials. There you can find the latest movies with direct links to download files in quality from 480 to 1080p. Also, short information about the rating, audio, year.

#13 Telugu movies Channel


Subscribers: 1.2M+

One of the biggest Telugu movies channels for today. At the channel, you can find popular movies, cartoons, TV series dubbed in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Eng. A lot of new content every day.

#14 BBCPersian Channel


Subscribers: 1.1M+

Official Persian BBC news channel in Telegram with 1.1 million subscribers. The latest news about the Economy, Iran, and the USA. Photo and Video content, more than 50 news per day.

#15 Download Movies Channel


Subscribers: 11K+

Here You Can Download Any Latest And Top Grossing Movies. No Fake Link. You Can Also Request Your Movies And It Will Uploaded In Our Site After 3-5 Business Days. Fast And Secured Download Link.

#16 South Indian Movies Hindi Channel


Subscribers: 760K+

#16 spot in our Best 100 Telegram channels rating. Another one big channel with online Indian movies and TV series. I can’t say that it is very different in content from other big channels, but it can be a good alternative if you have problems accessing your favorite telegram channels with movies.

#17 Amazon Prime Video HD Channel


Subscribers: 620K+

One of the biggest Telegram channels with Amazon Prime video content. The channel has over 600K subscribers and offers Indian movies and Amazon Prime TV serials. Related article: Amazon Prime Telegram channels list



Subscribers: 610K+

The popular Telegram channel with Hollywood cartoons, ЕМ series, and films dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

#19 Android Themes Channel Channel


Subscribers: 610K+

Android Themes for all!

If you’d like to see your Android theme featured here or learn how to make your own, join our Android Themes group (

One of the biggest Telegram channels with Android Themes.

#20 TIKVAH-ETH Channel


Subscribers: 820K+

Popular Ethiopian Telegram channel in Category “News and Mass media” with over 500K active subscribers.

#21 Chatgram Messenger Channel


Subscribers: 500K+

Official channel of the chatgram messenger in Telegram.

#22 Crypto World News Channel


Subscribers: 430K+

Latest Crypto News, Updates, Advices, Resources, Analysis, Deeper Insights, ICO’s and the whole Crypto space.

#23 Crypto Market Time Channel


Subscribers: 420K+

Another one big channel about Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Etherum and etc. Latest news, market analysis, and financial advices.



Subscribers: 370K+

We Create the best ICO/IEO Reviews. Airdrop, Promotion, Crypto News. Token Sale, Marketing, Hype.

#25 Minish Patel Channel


Subscribers: 470K+

Disclaimer/Disclosure : I share my view with my clients also so it can be biased. Personal discretion advised. All posts/views are for educational purpose only. Kindly contact your financial advisor before taking any position/decision.

#26 SS Motivation Channel


Subscribers: 470K+

Get Inspired, Get Motivated, Road towards Success Motivational, Inspirational and Heart touching Quotes.

#27 Target Study IQ Channel


Subscribers: 280K+

The biggest Indian Educational Telegram channel for today.

#28 EBooks & Magazines for Civilservices Channel


Subscribers: 270K+

One of the biggest E-book databases in Telegram. There you can find the most popular magazines, books, educational articles in PDF format.

#29 Alt Balaji Web Series Channel


Subscribers: 230K+

Official Channel of ?ALT Balaji Originals Web Series

#30 Fantasy Cricket Guru Channel


Subscribers: 220K+

One of the biggest channels with Cricket predictions in the Telegram community.

#31 Memes Masters Channel


Subscribers: 210K+

Popular Telegram community with a lot of news memes, funny pictures and short videos.

#32 ULLU Web Series Channel


Subscribers: 500K+

Official Channel of ?ULLU Originals Web Series.

#33 AliExpress Channel


Subscribers: 11K+

Immerse yourself in the world of shopping! Huge amount of interesting goods from China are waiting for you.

#34 Real Madrid C.F. Channel


Subscribers: 26K+

Real Madrid English News Telegram Channel. Our group @realmadrid13group Contact info: @RealMadridAdminbot. Telegram channel about Real Madrid FC is the 33 in our top 100 list.

#35 Otaku World (International) Channel


Subscribers: 6K+

SFW Community for Otakus, Animes, Gaming, Crypto chats etc.

#36 Movies on Google Drive Channel


Subscribers: 14K+

Join us Now for (Movies | Web Series | Apps and Games). Only Google Drive direct links are posted here. Read more about Google Drive movies channel.

#37 Daily Channels Channel


Subscribers: 7K+

Best Telegram Channels. We introduce the best telegram channels DAILY! ?

#38 WhaleTank Crypto [Free Channel] Channel


Subscribers: 39K+

Welcome to WhaleTank Free Channel. We help our members to build a high-quality long term portfolio, while making excellent short term gains.

#39 Remote Jobs Channel


Subscribers: 8K+

Are you looking for a remote job position? One of the best Telegram channels with Job offers.

#40 Comedy Central Channel


Subscribers: 5K+

Enter the best Telegram mood channel and find the best of comedy.

#41 Nekofied Gallery Channel


Subscribers: 1.9K+

Channel for SFW Anime related Arts Memes etc. Join our group for sfw chat @otakuzdream.

#42 Yume Cosplay Channel


Subscribers: 1.2K+

Yume Images Cosplay Channel. See the most rated cosplay & Asian models that has been published recently with high quality.

#43 Increase Your IQ Channel


Subscribers: 4K+

Get your Mind challenged (99% Fail ratio, Be the 1%) Increase your IQ level (Questions Selected form Various IQ Tests Like Mensa etc.)

#44 NG Songs Bot


Telegram’s good music constantly growing database. Start me!

#45 Supreme guide Channel


Subscribers: 5.2K+

Everyone needs some inspiration, and these motivational quotes will give you the edge you need to create your success. So read on and let them inspire you. @SGcontactbot



Subscribers: 5K+

Get the latest Actress/Models hd photos here. Copyright of images owned by respective actresses or owners.

#47 NBC sports videos Channel


Subscribers: 300+

Watch latest football highlights,videos,goals and full match replays from the Europe top five leagues!
Channel: @NBCSportSoccer

#48 Sky Sports Football Channel


Subscribers: 73K+

Sky Sports Football is now on Telegram! Be the first one to read the latest news, watch match highlights and follow exclusive content.

#49 Born To Be Great Channel


Subscribers: 5.8K+

Simply start your day in an amazing Mood. find a better way to face any problem. Be inspired to make a future of your own. Find your self and understand your purpose.

#50 Foreign Languages Hub Channel


Subscribers: 8.9K+

The hub of foreign languages training on Telegram. This channel is the heart of a community of more than 20 teachers and 3200 users learning from 0 level in social format, Polish, Romanian, German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Somali, Hindi, and many others. Real teachers, educational bots, dynamic. If you hate learning alone by clicking Duolingo things, come here.

#51 Apple Music Channel


Subscribers: 149K+

One of the biggest free Telegram channels with Apple Music. Content updates daily.

#52 Intelligent Electronic Music Channel


Subscribers: 900+

Collection of High-Quality Electronic Music. Featured Genres: IDM, Ambient, Psybient, Chillout, Downtempo.

This channel is a Personal collection which evolves and changes along with it’s authors mood and preferences. The sound quality is mostly lossless (flac). The contents of this Telegram Channel is space, dream and deep music.

Featured Genres and Styles are: Intelligent Dance Music (IDM), Electronic, Ambient, Experimental, Psychedelic, Downtempo, Psybient, Psychill, Chillout and more.

Featured and Favourite Artists: Ascendant, CELL, Solar Fields, Scann-Tec, Asura, Circular, Aes Dana, Miktek, State Azure, Connect.Ohm, H.U.V.A. Network, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Data Rebel, Phobium and many more.

#53 Tamil Flac Songs Channel


Subscribers: 4K+

High-Quality Flac songs ??? FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, without any loss in quality. Song Source – Digital Rip Flac.

#54 Fresh Wallpapers Channel


Subscribers: 8K+

Fresh Wallpapers provides free desktop wallpapers of animals, nature, bikes, brands, cars, models, celebrities, games, movies, tv shows, space, sports and more Share your feedback, queries and requirements at @cloudamey

#55 Wallpapers HD Channel


Subscribers: 4.2K+

World’s Best HD 2k 4k 8k Wallpapers Daily uploads of Full HD Top best Wallpapers for your device.

#56 Magazine NewsPaper Channel


Subscribers: 8.8K+

Only fresh newspapers & magazines from all parts of the World. English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean &, etc languages.

#57 AppWorld Channel


Subscribers: 3.4K+

Android & PC Apps and Games PC SOFTWARES AND GAMES.

#58 Audio Books Archive Channel


Subscribers: 21.1K+

Rated #1 Audio Books channel. Largest Audiobook collection in Telegram. An Audible Alternative for free.

#59 Daily Quotes Channel


Subscribers: 9K+

Here you will find daily fresh motivational, inspirational quotes Join our channel and share with your friends and family!! ️ @uQuotes

#60 HD Wallpapers 4K Channel


Subscribers: 3K+

Best selection of wallpapers ever for your devices with 4K wallpapers. REPLENISH your screen and MESMERIZE your eyes with high quality and most rated wallpapers.

#61 Middle East Professional Jobs Channel


Subscribers: 3.5K+

Both skilled and unskilled jobs are listed in this group, Like Software, IT, Accountancy, Hotel Industry jobs in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain & Qatar.

#62 Bestsellers Book Channel


Subscribers: 28.1K+

On our channel, you can free download the most popular fiction books in English. All books are available in ePUB, MOBI and PDF formats.

#63 Tamil Mp3 Songs Channel


Subscribers: 19.1K+

One of the biggest Telegram channels with Tamil mp3 songs.

#64 Cars of The World Channel


Daily photos of cars from around the world!

#65 DRIVE?WORLD Channel

All the most interesting and unbelievable from the past, present and future in the world of transport.

#66 Mercedes Benz® Channel


The Best or Nothing. One of the biggest channels with daily Mercedes Benz cars photos.

#67 Volkswagen® Channel


Das Auto. Play or Get Played.

#68 World Architecture Channel


Architectural structures from around the world.

#69 Paintings Place Channel


A daily dose of paintings can be key for healing, peace, and hope…

#70 FREE MOCK-UPs Channel


Free mockups for your designs! Not for commercial use Categories: #Phone #Workspace #Desktop #Cosmetics #Packaging #Paper #Poster #Card #Box #Presentation #Banner #Bag #Flayer #Calendar

#71 Durov’s Channel Channel


This is where I post thoughts about Telegram in a slightly less formal and more direct way than in the official Telegram blog (~70% of which is also written mostly by yours truly). Subscribe only if you’re a hardcore Telegram fan.

#72 Women’s Look Channel


Women’s Look is a popular Telegram channel with daily fashion photos.

#73 Ananya Panday Channel


Born: 29 March 1999 (age 20 years), Mumbai Height: 1.7 m Movies: Student of the Year 2 Parents: Chunky Pandey, Bhavna Pandey Upcoming movie: Student of the Year 2.

#74 Plus Messenger Channel


Official Plus Messenger Channel.

#75 Gmail Bot Channel


With this bot you can get new emails and reply to them without leaving Telegram.

#76 GamesToAll Official Channel


Download any pc games free!

#77 The Washington Post Channel


Democracy Dies in Darkness

#78 Qlobal-Change USA ?? Channel


International Qanon channel of Qlobal Change @QlobalChangeUSA Stay tuned about what’s going on related to Qanon & Trump in the EU.

#79 Wallpapers Central Channel


Daily wallpapers for iOs and Android devices.

#80 Planet Earth Channel


The most beautiful places of our Planet. In HD.

#81 Science Channel


Science channel, videos and articles – international project Biggest science channel in telegram

#82 SPACE ? Channel


The most new and amazing about Universe.

#83 BrainGrub Channel


BrainGrub is an English Telegram Channel that provides general knowledge trivia. It is updated once a day. Join our channel and be 1% better everyday!

#84 bitgrit Data Science Community Channel


bitgrit official Telegram group. Connect with data scientists and AI companies casually and without stress Share experiences and post jobs, discuss technical problems and get a solution on our

#85 Physics Channel


The official The Physics Times on Telegram. Much recursion. Very physics. Wow, Terms:

#86 @quote Channel


♯1 collection of famous quotes and sayings in Telegram! Quotes from famous authors, movies and people. Amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, and love.

#87 Inspiring Thoughts Channel


Inspiring Thoughts is an Exclusive Global Channel for Powerful , Inspiring, Motivational Messages, Audios, and Videos.

#88 Motivism ™ Channel


This Channel is to BroadCast Inspiring e-Books, thoughts n Lines. Stay Tuned.

#89 TED Talks Channel


TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. Welcome to the TED community!

#90 Supreme guide Channel


Everyone needs some inspiration, and these motivational quotes will give you the edge you need to create your success. So read on and let them inspire you.

#91 Talk To Life Channel


Welcome To Talk To Life Stories have the Creative Power to Solve Actual Problems that people encounter in their work & daily lives. So TTL believe every story Deserves to be Celebrated whatsoever.

#92 Incredible India ?? Channel


Explore Best of India.

#93 BBC Earth Channel


For over fifty years, BBC Earth has been inspiring audiences through the natural world; we’ve taken the BBC’s amazing natural history stories, over 1000 of them, and shared them around the globe ?

#94 Eddy Travels – AI Travel Assistant Bot


AI travel assistant that will help you find the best flight and hotel deals right in your favorite chat app – Telegram!

Start communication with Eddy Travels – AI Travel Assistant bot in your Telegram, by clicking on the “Send Message” button.

#95 Flight Notify Bot Bot


Bot will send you status notifications when the flight departs, lands, enroute or other status.

#96 BTour Chain Official Community Channel


BTour Chain’s blockchain technology enables transparent transactions in the global tourism industry, accumulates relevant big data about tourists all around the world and analyzes them for the use of marketing to create mutual benefits for tour cities and tourists.

Our aim is to build our own Ecosystem of Tourism where BTour Chain leads the global tourism industry to leap forward with the 4th industrial revolution technology and give our profits back to society.

#97 GitHub Bot


Get notifications about events in your public GitHub repositories and post comments directly from Telegram.

#98 Public Download Link Bot Bot


Get fast streaming and download link of any movie/video file on telegram.

#99 VirusTotal Scan Bot Bot


Checking Telegram files against the VirusTotal site with over 70 antivirus softwares

#100 movies480p Channel


Download your favorite for free movie under 600mb