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About the bot: I give you the the current price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of other crypto and global currencies

Coinbot – it’s very useful and simple Telegram bot, which allows to get current prices of most popular crypto currencies fro today.

You no longer need to go to the exchange to find out the current price of the currency you need.

How to use Coinbot

Step 1. Open Coinbot’s link @hellocoinbot using Telegram application. And press the button “Start” or send /start to the chat.

Step 2. After it Coinbot will send you a message:

Hi, I’m Coinbot™!

I can tell you the latest prices of hundreds of crypto and global currencies with the /price command.

Then you can press one of 6 buttons and get prices of top 6 currencies for today. For example, we press /price btc button.

After it, the Coinbot will give us the result of the Bitcoin exchange rate against the US dollar.

If you need to get exchange rate for other currencies, you need to write /price and Currency Symbol.

For example. write /price AUD and send to the chat with Coinbot to get exchange rate for Australian Dollar.

Currency Symbols of top cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin – BTC, Ethereum – ETH, Litecoin – LTC, EOS – EOS, Bitcoin Cash – BCH, XRP – XRP, Bgogo Token – BGG, TRON – TRX, Ethereum Classic – ETC, ZCash – ZEC, Binance Coin – BNB.

All list of cryptocurrencies you can find here –

World Currency Symbols you can find here –



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