Cartoon series Telegram channels list

Anime Series Channel


Subscribers: 50.7K+

At the channel @animeseries you can find latest anime and cartoon series with English subs and Japanese audio and download in 720p quality.



Subscribers: 5.1+

One of the best and the biggest channels with cartoon series on Telegram. AnimeMoviez has more than 5000 active subscribers and large database of modern cartoon series and movies.

A good channel without a lot of advertising and dubious content.

Cartoons for Kids Channel


Subscribers: 700+

Most Inspirational, Educational and Fun cartoons for your little ones!

A lot of positive and educational videos from YouTube and the best cartoons for kids, like Tom and Jerry. The only drawback of this channel is that the content is not updated often.

Unfortunaletly, that are all cartoon channels on Telegram for today. If you need more – check out our Anime channels list to follow and Top 100 Telegram channels list

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