Best Anime Telegram list to follow

Anime Series Channel


Subscribers: 152K+

The largest Anime community on Telegram with 150K+ subscribers. There you can find the latest anime videos, related arts and images.

Anime Series Channel


Subscribers: 50.2K+

One of the biggest Telegram Anime channels for today with over 50K subscribers. Uploading Anime In English Subs and Japanese Audio In Mp4 Format & High Quality (720p & 720p Encoded).

Anime Series Channel


Subscribers: 2.1K+

Yume Images is the most updated channel of anime fan arts. See the latest anime arts with us sooner than anywhere else. Yume Images is the source that published the most rated anime arts.

Otaku World (International) Channel


Subscribers: 6K+

SFW Community for Otakus, Animes, Gaming, Crypto chats etc.

Nekofied Gallery Channel


Subscribers: 1.9K+

Channel for SFW Anime related Arts Memes etc. Join our group for sfw chat @otakuzdream.

Yume Cosplay Channel


Subscribers: 1.2K+

Yume Images Cosplay Channel. See the most rated cosplay & Asian models that has been published recently with high quality.

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