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#1 AximoBot Bot


Official description:

Hi, i am a RSS and social network flows agregator.

Just send me URL of rss feed and i will send you notifications on updates.

I can also monitor,,,,,,, accounts, users and public groups, blogs and channels.

Use /add, /remove and /myfeed to manage your subscriptions.

Also you can ask me to send you something from top trends by /hot command

Have questions? Just send /help to see full manual.

AximoBot lets you to get notifications in Telegram app from your RSS feeds or or any website’s pages.

How to use AximoBot

  1. Press “Start” button in your Telegram app or write up /start in the chat with AximoBot.
  2. Choose your language: English or Russian
  3. Use /add, /remove and /myfeed to manage your subscriptions.

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