Best Telegram news channels

The Washington Post Channel


Subscribers: 14000+ Active users: 30%

The Washington Post is one of the most popular Telegram news channels in 2019. On the channel, you can find news about the USA, India, European counties, politics, sport, entertainment and others.

All posts usually contain links to

The New York Times Channel


Subscribers: 9500+ Active users: 30%

Where the conversation begins. Follow for breaking news, special reports, and more from

There you can find news about the USA, Syria, India, China and other countries.

Today In India Channel


Subscribers: 190+

Small telegram channel about daily news in India. If you want to know what happened in India today or tomorrow, this channel for you.

Every post contains top 10-15 news for every day with links to websites.

Magazines NewsPapers Channel


Subscribers: 1500+

Popular Telegram channel with the latest news and magazines newspapers form mostly all countries.

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Reuters: World Channel


Subscribers: 8900+

Your source for top international news and analysis. Very good channel about breaking news in the World. There you can find news about Tanzania, China, India, North Korea, the USA, and Europe.

No ads and only useful content.

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