Malayalam Subtitles Bot

Malayalam Subtitles Bot


Subtitles are fully owned By Msone – Bot Created and Maintained By Cinema Company.

Malayalam Subtitles it’s a free Telegram bot which allows you to get free subtitles to TV series, Movies and Documentary films.

How to use Malayalam Subtitles Bot

Step 1. Press “Start” button or write up /start to the chat with Malayalam Subtitles Bot.

After it you will have a menu with Language, Documentary, TV Series, Movie Series and Special Releases.

Language – there you can pick a Language of the film (more than 30 languages available).

After it you will have Alphabet menu with all letters. Please Choose Any Alphabet (eg: If u looking for a movie name Start with A .choose A ).

Then you will have the list of films with available subtitles for choosed letter.

Pick your film and Malayalam Subtitles Bot will send to you a .srt file (Subtitles). You need to download this file and add to your video player. That’s all. Now you will have subtitles to your film.

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