Coronavirus news Telegram channels list

COVID-19 – Highlights Channel


Subscribers: 30K+

Today’s top stories regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For breaking news and updates visit our sister channel:

One of the biggest channels in Telegram about Coronavirus pandemic. No ads, just useful content, daily updates and breaking news about Covid-19 situation in the World.

Financial Times (official) Channel


Subscribers: 3K+

It’s official Telegram channel of the website with latest news and updates about Covid-19 in the World.

If you want to read only official news – this channel will be useful for you.

COVID-19 – Highlights Channel


Subscribers: 21K+

Today’s breaking news regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Only breaking news from India, USA, Italy and other countries with the hardest situation of Covid-19 pandemic.



COVID-19 Bot (@coronaexe_bot) is a telegram bot that can gives latest news and number of cases/deaths related to coronavirus.

You can message the bot directly or add to the group. When you add to the group, make sure to mention (@coronaexe_bot /command) the bot to communicate.

I also have a channel, COVID-19 Updates (@novelcov19). The bot will automatically broadcast latest news and number of cases to that channel. So you can also join the broadcasting channel to get latest news without asking the bot.

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